Hey guys.

This is Chanty, the original founder of this blog, and this message is long overdue considering I’ve left this blog untouched for about 5 months and haven’t updated quirks for that long.

And even though it’s been such a long time since I’ve even looked at this blog, it was the first thing that got me more heavily involved with the Young Justice fandom before I started writing more fanfiction and it’s still a little sad for me to announce that I’m leaving it. I never could’ve realized how many of you would end up following this blog, which was just a spontaneous idea that happened to go right. Obviously it was just a task too big for me to handle, but my hesitance to share the blog with another admin frankly wound up running the blog into the ground. With the series over, I’m not really sure what will happen to this blog.

I did manage to get cynessie to become an admin after I posted that message about needing help, so even if I leave this blog, as long as she remains an admin, it won’t be deleted. After this is posted, she has complete control of the blog. I’ll leave it up to her to delete it or finish out the episodes, maybe even stick it out to see if a third season really does get picked up by another company. If you guys have any questions for me, just ask. But if you have questions about the blog and talk to cynessia, please be very polite and don’t cause her trouble or stress. She so sweetly became part of this blog at my request and worked hard on things that never came through because of the lack of input on my end, and she was just so nice to talk to and easy to work with. If I had more motivation to continue the blog, it would’ve been fun to work with her. So, if you ask her about this blog and it’s future, please be nice. I know you guys are always so nice, but be extra-sweet to her.

Thank you for all of the memories with this blog! You can always visit me at my other blog if you want to talk or still see what I’m up to. But otherwise, this is it for now. See you guys later.

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Would anyone consider becoming an admin of this blog with me?

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and the reason I’ve fallen so behind is because I don’t have time to sit down and put graphics together.

I’ve never co-owned a blog before, but basically I would still be doing most of the quirking (of course, the co-owner can definitely add in their own quirks so long as there aren’t any repeats) while the second admin makes the graphics. So if anyone would be willing to agree to that kind of partnership, please let me know!

If you’re comfortable with photoshop or anything of the like and also feel like you can improve the graphics, that’s welcome too! If you want to change the design, just send me a sample by taking a previously posted quirk and showing me how you would redesign it. But you don’t have to do that - I can tell you what program I downloaded and use for graphics and we can keep everything the same. I’d just like someone who’s willing and able to make the graphics for my quirks so this blog can be more up-to-date as episodes air.

So if anyone thinks they wouldn’t mind taking up this offer, let me know as soon as possible. Leave me a message in my inbox that tells me:

  • How much free time you have to spend on this blog each night
  • If you have your own photo editing program or if I need to tell you which one to download
  • Ideas on how quirks should be uploaded (if we should consider the queue, if we limit to so many posts a day, if we continue spamming all at once like I’ve always done)
  • If you’d like to change the design of the graphics. I need to give you my e-mail so you can send me the image.

EDIT: PLEASE LET ME KNOW BY WEDNESDAY THE 9th BEFORE MIDNIGHT (so basically, Wednesday 9 @ 11:59 PM is the latest I’ll keep this open for “applications”)

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Any suggestions?

I’ve decided that I’m going to do a series of “My Top 9” lists for episodes 1x01 to 2x10. Just because a comment I made on a post yesterday piqued my interest enough to do something like this. What do you think they should be on? They’ll be things like:

  • My Top 9 Pairings
  • My Top 9 Friendships
  • My Top 9 Mentor/Protegees
  • My Top 9 Tearjerker Moments
  • etc.

So if you guys could suggest a few more, that would be awesome (:

P.S. They’re all strictly Young Justice - not having to do with my pairings and whatnot from all of DC Comics even though having the entire DC Comics multiverses in YJ would be pretty freaking awesome

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mgann-morzz asked: Whenever I click your M'gann M'orzz tag link it send me to Wally West. I found it amusing because I was looking for some Little Young Justice Things concerning Wally hitting on M'gann, but you should probably fix that link problem.

Ahhhh, sorry about that!


I began organizing the tags and I guess the links got jumbled up! Thanks for pointing it out (: I’ll fix it right now.

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# asks

metaorigin asked: i'll look forward to the wendy and conner spam then. cause. wendy. her tag ill love seeing something nice in her tag when it gets updated for once. I hope you're having a Merry Christmas! And have a Happy New Year!

What I was under the impression I was the only one that liked Conner and Wendy and therefore was a traitor for betraying Megan and Conner

I mean, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! I’m looking forward to Wendy moments in this episode. I really like her!


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So I’ve decided that I’m only going to post about 30-40 quirks at a time each day. It’s sort of an experiment, to see if spreading things out will be easier for me so that this blog can be updated more frequently. So we’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and P.S.


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Bart: “We’ll hang, it’ll be totally crash!”
Jaime: “Um… sure.”
Bart: “Great! …You got any money?”

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#3156. Jaime wanting to have a mentor like the rest of the Team

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#3155. Tim looking at Jason Todd’s holographic statue


And am I the only one that really wants to know what was going through Tim’s head in this moment?? asgfsdhjfsag

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#3154. Robin (Jason Todd)

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